Below are some projects I’ve created outside of work.

Image Analogies

Image analogies provides a framework to learn complex, non-linear image filters with one training example.

Gradient-domain Fusion

Gradient-domain Fusion uses Poisson blending to merge or artistically re-render images.

Video Textures

Video textures are seamless, infinitely-repeating images that capture the essence of a video.


A CHIP-8 emulator written in Javascript.

Image Alignment

Creates an aligned color photograph from 3 glass plate negatives, sourced from the Prokudin-Gorskii image collection available at the Library of Congress.


Gorgon is an interactive molecular modeling system, developed by WashU and Baylor, that I contributed to as part of an independent study for Professor Tao Ju.


Fae is a puzzle-platformer made for the 2015 Global Game Jam.

Race the Rainbow

Race the Rainbow is a party racing game made for the 2014 Global Game Jam.


The Diamond-Square algorithm is a common technique used to generate random heightmaps, used for procedural terrain generation.

Star Graph

A galaxy of game reviews. (Currently broken due to deprecated APIs.)

Texture Synthesis

Texture synthesis is the process of generating a larger texture image from a smaller source image. This project uses an approach developed by Efros and Freeman called Image Quilting.